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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In The Redzone: Week Eight of the NFL in Review

by: Ryan Waldis
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Week Eight of the NFL season is officially in the books. Here are some of my observations and notes from the past week.

Three Things We Know that we Already Knew

  1. The NFC East is easily the worst division in football. The Redskins lost by 24 to the Broncos, the Cowboys choked against the Lions, and the Eagles offense couldn't manage a field goal against the lowly Giants. Despite this, the Cowboys lead the division at 4-4, followed by the Eagles (3-5), Redskins (2-5) and the Giants (2-6). If you're interested, here's a remix of the NFC East, created last year by DJ Steve Porter.
  2. The Buccaneers and Jaguars each share the same motto at this point in the season. With the Bucs losing by 18 and the Jags by 32, the only question is, which motto do they share? "Bombing for Bridgewater," perhaps? Or maybe, "Terrible for Teddy"? Or how about "Mediocre for Mariota"? 
  3. The Chiefs are really, really, really good. But, then again, they haven't really played any good teams yet. None of the teams that the Chiefs have played have a record over .500. The best team the Chiefs have played is the Cowboys, so it's entirely possible that their performance each week is just smoke and mirrors. Then again, maybe not. We'll see soon enough, as they play Denver two times over the next five weeks.

Three Things We Know that we Didn't Already Know

  1. The Bengals are a much better team than they are given credit for. After their 49-9 win over the New York Jets, the Bengals have established themselves as a sleeper pick in the AFC. Will they get to the Super Bowl? Probably not. But, they do have a decent shot to reach the AFC Championship Game if they keep performing like they have. At 6-2, they're starting to run away with the AFC North.
  2. Tom Brady can't be Tom Brady without good wide receivers. Remember when the Patriots played the Atlanta Falcons four weeks ago on Sunday Night? Brady proved that, at least for one game, he didn't need a good, talented WR. He passed for 316 yards and two touchdowns with zero interceptions. Ever since then, he's failed to eclipse more than 270 passing yards and two TD's in a single game, and has only thrown two TD passes in his last four games. Uh-oh. 
  3. Speaking of the Falcons, they lost again, this time to Carson Palmer and the Arizona Cardinals, dropping them to 2-5 on the season. Matt Ryan looked absolutely terrible, passing for 301 yards and a touchdown, but also throwing four interceptions. Harry Douglas looked good, but it's going to take a lot more than one WR to turn this train-wreck around.
Ryan's Top Three Highlights of the Week

Note: These are in no particular order

First, let's take a look at Terrelle Pryor's incredible 93 yard run on his team's first play from scrimmage. Not very often you see a QB do something like this.

Long runs are always nice, but passes (such as this one from Drew Brees to Kenny Stills) are equally as impressive.

All bias and personal views aside, this catch by Dez Bryant was amazing.

Ryan's Top Two "D'oh!" Moments of the Week

This is the place where you probably don't want to end up if you're a player

That snap to Giants punter Steve Weatherford was a bit high.

That snap was bad, but what Golden Tate did definitely brings home the cake. Still don't understand why players feel the need to taunt and excessively celebrate.

Ryan's Top Two Tweets of the Week

The tweets that I find the most amusing each week.

My "Tweets of the Week" for Week Eight come courtesy of Tony Bruno and Joe Corrado.

Ryan's Top Picture of the Week

Whether it's funny or a nice action shot, chances are it will have a chance to be here.

I think all of you know the picture that wins this week...

They look so similar.
Photo Courtesy: Yahoo Sports
And, to wrap the article up, my Philadelphia Eagles player of the week is...

drum roll please...


The Eagles played like a high school (or perhaps even worse) team on Sunday. Their offense couldn't put any points up on the board, not even a single field goal. Their defense kept them in the game, but they only had one sack (via Fletcher Cox) and "forced" their only turnover on that high snap by Giants LS Zak DeOssie. Overall, it was a poor performance by the team, and fans can only hope that they'll turn it around sooner rather than later.

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