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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In the Redzone: Week 16 of the NFL in Review (12/24/13)

by: Ryan Waldis
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Another week in the NFL completed, which means it's time for my weekly observations from around the league. Enjoy!

Hey, the Eagles are the main headline this week.
Photo Courtesy: SportsPickle

  • I don't know how someone can be a Redskins fan; that team is terrible.
  • I think it's pretty funny that some people lost their chance at a Fantasy Football Championship on this play.
  • Speaking of fantasy football, I made it to the championship in one of my two leagues.
  • I think Kevin Burkhardt has done a great job calling games for FOX this year, but he always seemed a bit too excited whenever the Cowboys scored on Sunday. I don't know, maybe it's just me.
  • The Lions lost to the Giants in overtime on Sunday, eliminating themselves from playoff contention in the process. If there's a team that can be counted on to screw itself over year after year, it's the Lions.
  • After the game, head coach Jim Schwartz yelled at several fans. I don't think that was a smart thing to do.
  • The Cardinals defeated the Seahawks in Seattle. The Eagles defeated the Cardinals. Therefore, the Eagles can beat the Seahawks in Seattle too.
  • The Patriots completely dominated the Ravens in Baltimore, winning 41-7. Let me remind you that Baltimore won the Super Bowl last year and now they might not even make the playoffs.
  • Tony Romo may or may not be out for the rest of the season (aka the final week of the regular season). The Eagles may have caused his "injury."
  • There are so many good candidates for Coach of the Year this year. Chip Kelly, Bruce Arians, Andy Reid, Ron Rivera; the list goes on and on. I hope Kelly wins (obviously) but he has a ton of competition.
  • Even though they won't win it, I think it's cool that Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy are even being mentioned in MVP discussions.
  • By the way: there's only a couple days left to vote Foles, McCoy, and the rest of the Eagles into the Pro Bowl!
  • Let's look at some highlights from Week 16. There's not any with Alshon Jeffery this week!
  • Peyton Manning broke a record, throwing his 51st TD pass of the season. He was also named the Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated. That's good for him; he's truly one of the classiest guys in the league.
  • This double reverse by the Rams worked to perfection. Remember when the Eagles tried this?
  • Jaguars center Brad Meester caught a pass and got a first down. If you don't know the backstory, Meester said he is retiring after this season, and Sunday's game was his final home game. 
  • If you like watching monkeys riding dogs, herding sheep, then the Bengals halftime show is for you!
  • Michael Floyd made an incredible catch against the Seahawks.
  • Here's how the playoff picture looks for the AFC: Denver (12-3, clinched AFC West), New England (11-4, clinched AFC East), Cincinnati (10-5, clinched AFC North), Indianapolis (10-5, clinched AFC South), Kansas City (11-4, clinched fifth seed), Miami (8-7). Baltimore (8-7), San Diego (8-7), and Pittsburgh (7-8) are still in the hunt.
  • And the NFC: Seattle (12-3, clinched wild card berth), Carolina (clinched wild card berth), Philadelphia (9-6), Chicago (8-7), San Francisco (11-4, clinched wild card berth), New Orleans (10-5). Arizona (10-5) is in the hunt for a wild card spot; Dallas (8-7) and Green Bay (7-7-1) are in the hunt for their respective divisions.
That does it for this week's edition of In the Redzone; enjoy the holidays and see you next week!


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