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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In the Redzone: Pro Bowl Weekend in Review (1/28/14)

by: Ryan Waldis
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For the first time in several years, the Pro Bowl was actually watchable. Here are my observations from not only the Pro Bowl but the past week in the NFL.

There wasn't any fake headlines for this week, so this picture
(taken in a Denver airport) will do.
Photo Courtesy: SportsPickle

  • As I mentioned in last week's edition, I've never had a problem with the Pro Bowl (except for that game a couple of years ago when Drew Brees attempted that extra point), but I feel like the quality of the game this year is a step in the right direction.
  • Still, how cool would it be to see the skills competition make a return? (here's a competition from 2006 featuring Larry Fitzgerald; disregard the terrible quality).
  • Let's take a look at how our four Eagles performed.
  • First, in the Team Sanders corner- Nick Foles: seven completions on ten attempts, 89 yards, one touchdown, and a Pro Bowl Offensive MVP award to boot; DeSean Jackson: three receptions for 40 yards and an incredible TD reception on a throw by Andrew Luck.
  • In the Team Rice corner- LeSean McCoy: three carries for 14 yards, one reception for 18 yards, and one fumble; Evan Mathis: performed the same as any other offensive lineman (hint: not that well).
  • Overall, a solid performance by our Eagles. Here's to more outstanding performances in the years to come (unless the Eagles make the Super Bowl that is).
  • After seeing Justin Tucker miss not one but two 60-plus yard field goals, I couldn't help but imagine how short those attempts would have come up had Alex Henery been the one kicking.
  • I wish the Eagles had Justin Tucker. Or Steven Gostkowski. Or just a kicker that can consistently kick 48-plus yard field goals. Is that too much to ask?
  • Here's a fun fact pertaining to Foles: he was allowed to bring one guest to Hawaii with him. Who did he bring? If you guessed practice squad QB GJ Kinne, you already knew the answer but you're also one-for-one. Classy move, I love hearing when things like that happen.
  • Let this sink in: the Sunday after the Super Bowl will be the first Sunday without a football game since July 28th. How crazy is that?
  • Ah, well... at least Phillies season, NHL postseason, and NBA Draft will keep us occupied until the Eagles start training camp. Hopefully. Probably not. 
  • *shameless plug* If you didn't read the first part of An Eagles Forecastgo check it out! I go through the first 22 players on the roster and decide who stays and goes.
  • Be sure to keep checking back every week or so for a new part!
  • If you somehow missed it on the War Room Facebook page, here's what the Pro Bowl can do to two players from rival teams.
  • Of course, DeSean and Dez Bryant could be good friends, but to make the picture more surprising, let's pretend that they're not.
  • I wrote this article on the same night that the Flyers won five to nothing over the Detroit Red Wings. Once again, writing this article on the day of a Flyers game seems to help.
  • I was asked what my favorite TV Show was today (context: a new semester started for me today, and one of my teachers did an icebreaker activity), and realized that I don't really have a favorite show.
  • I watch TV, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I've ever watched a TV series a la The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad to the end. If people actually read this, recommend a show and I'll check it out.
  • Random Bold Prediction: Tim Tebow will be a starting QB in the NFL by Week 17 of the 2014-15 season.
  • I have one of those little box calendars with Eagles facts and trivia for each day. I've gotten majority of the trivia questions right, and although the questions have been fairly easy thus far, I've reacted like this  every time.
Well, that does it for this week's edition of "In the Redzone." See you all next week!

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