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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

In the Redzone- 2/11/14

by: Ryan Waldis
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This past Sunday was the first one without football in quite some time, which is quite sad if you ask me. Regardless, pitchers and catchers report soon, so that makes up for the lack of football. Well, at least for now. Anyway, here's another edition of "In the Redzone," enjoy!

Remember this?
Photo Courtesy: SportsPickle

  • If you missed it (and I don't know how you would), Michael Sam, of Missouri, came out this week saying that he is gay. I feel so bad for him, because it seems as though the league (or at least some of the players) wouldn't accept a gay player.
  • Hell, even Sam's father doesn't know what to think about his son being gay.
  • I was listening to WIP the other day, and the host (I believe it was Josh Innes, but don't hold me to that) made a comment, saying that if Sam was drafted by the Redskins, Cowboys, or Giants, he'd hear a fair amount of derogatory terms from Eagles fans. I'd like to think that most Philadelphia fans would just let the kid play, but I know that some of our fans aren't so kindhearted when it comes to playing a division rival.
  • Alright, you're probably tired of hearing about that story, so let's get to some different news items.
  • Brandon Weeden apparently wants out of Cleveland. I don't blame him, but was I the only one who
    This man wants out. NOW! Well, maybe not now, but soon.
    Photo Courtesy: CBS Sports
    laughed when I say that?
  • Speaking of the Browns, both CEO Joe Banner and GM Michael Lombardi will step down within the coming months. The new GM, Ray Farmer, seemed to have his eye on Marcus Mariota. He'll have to wait another year, as Mariota is returning to Oregon for his senior season.
  • The Buccaneers signed Mike Kafka. Tim Tebow was available, but the Bucs signed Mike Kafka. How about that?
  • Remember when the Eagles signed Vince Young? Jason Babin? Even Nnamdi Asoumugha? Howie Roseman is making sure that those types of signings don't happen again
  • Raise your internet hand if you would sign Jared Lorenzon. I mean, how can you not?
  • After saying that Matt Ryan isn't elite, future Hall of Fame TE Tony Gonzalez backtracked, saying that it's only a matter of time until Ryan becomes elite. 
  • We all know that Nick Foles is elite (kidding! Or am I?), but who are the other elite QB's in the NFL right now? The obvious three are Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady. Would you add Drew Brees to that group? One writer doesn't exactly think so.
  • If you're not aware, I've been working on "An Eagles Forecast," which is essentially my predictions for the Eagles upcoming off-season. 
  • If you missed the first two parts: Part One, and Part Two.
  • *Here's a picture that explains what that last bullet point was*
  • To end the article, here's another Foles item that will be going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. How cool is that?
That does it for this week's edition of "In the Redzone." See you all next week!

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